Named Bookmarks Plugin for Notepad++

The text editor, Notepad++ contains a mechanism to set bookmarks on lines, and to jump to these bookmarks on demand (cycling through these marks if you have placed more than one). While this is very useful, it suffers from two limitations: This plugin supplies bookmarks for languages, such as C(++) and Java, that have inline comments delimited by /* ..... */. Clearly this concept could be extended to cover any kind of material that contains comments.
The bookmarks
A file containing named bookmarks, contains one or more bookmarks of the form:
/*@Some useful phrase*/
These can be placed by the Create Bookmark command, and/or by manual insertion, as desired. They should be removed by simply deleting them in the normal way.
Move to Named Bookmark
Activating the move to named bookmark command, will bring up a window with a dropdown list of all availably bookmarks in the file, in the order that they appear in the text. Simply select the desired one, and press OK.
Create bookmark
Although bookmarks can be placed by simply editing in a suitable comment, it is sometimes more convenient to do this by command. Position to the point where you wish to place the bookmark, issue the Create Bookmark command, and fill in the name of the bookmark. Bookmark names do not need to be unique. The bookmark is placed on a line of its own, although this is not necessary in order for it to work.
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